Beaches Love Sterling Spencer

presented by zenwtr

Next year, and we’ll make sure of it, Sterling Spencer will be hosting Surf Days at The Surf Thing 2023.

It will be an extremely exclusive class, closed to pro surfers only, but just being there will give any on-looker miles more experience than any in-person surfing lesson for regular people ever could. That’s just how good Sterling is at his craft. And maybe the exclusive reason why beaches love him so much—the implied and the literal. With ZenWTR, we combined our pennies together to get Mr. Spencer three easy installments of $999.99 to get a little of his time for a chat on what his legacy on the beach looks like and how to be a pro-surfer. Not the most boring interview we’ve ever done.

Spencer Sterling riding on a pod of dolphins with 3 trippy moons behind him.

WHALEBONE: Can you explain what it takes to be a pro surfing master?
What’s one thing any real pro surfer should know?

STERLING: $$ mostly money…cocaine…and bleach blonde tips.

WHALEBONE: What was your earliest draw toward the water? 

STERLING: When I was born my mother had water birthed me and they had dolphins surround us and used their sonar to make me 20 percent smarter.

WHALEBONE: How can one be zen-like a pro surfing master?

STERLING: By signing up for my master surfing class for only three easy payments of $999.99.

WHALEBONE: Something the ocean can teach anyone, pro surfing masters or otherwise? 

STERLING: That you’re not in charge.

WHALEBONE: One piece of advice to help keep beaches clean?

STERLING: Drink Freakin ZenWtr (because they use 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic so every bottle prevents 5 bottles from polluting the ocean).

Only 3 easy payments of $999.99 with Sterling Spencer