Mike D.’s New York City Playlist

Last week, we dropped our Mike D. via Joe Termini interview*. There were words, laughter, expletives, things about Russia + things not about Russia. The things not about Russia sorta had a lot to do with New York. And so in what we felt was most proper fashion, we requested the Beastie Boys’ legendary third also send over a self-curated playlist, an ode to the city that raised him.

And he did, because he’s Mike Diamond — a highly respectable cat with rhythmic flow and true character. Our random statistics department** estimated that there is more-or-less a 99.98% chance that his music recommendations are worth listening to.

Exit out of whatever 3-month old playlist you’re unadmittingly burnt out on, turn your speakers up and get with some jams a la Slick Rick, ODB and more.

*Thanks Mike D. + Joe Termini.

**Our random statistics department is never not accurate 2.79% of the time.