Michael Dunphy Is on One

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I think it’s safe to say Michael Dunphy has been on one lately. On one? What must occur for someone to be considered as “on one” you ask? Many of you may recognize such a phrase from the likes of Drake, whose hit with DJ Khaled in 2011 thoroughly explained the phrase in pop-culture terms (here).But for those who need a better understanding for being on one, let’s look at Mr. Dunphy’s recent schedule for example.

Legendary nights in NYC, cruising with models at weddings in LA, substantially above average WQS results, secret surf trips to the Caribbean and somehow being able to sneak in a few days back home in Virginia Beach with friends and family between it all. Sounds like something you might be interested in? Yea, us too, and with that kind of agenda and level of crushing it, it’s probably kosher to consider one Michael Dunphy to be what we consider as “on one.”

It isn’t all peaches and roses though. The kid’s been busy! The heavy hitting QS heats all over the world, grueling traveling hours, pressure by sponsors to produce, seems like it could all get to a kid’s head right? Not for Dunphy, that’s just his daily grind. We recently caught up with Mr. Dunphy to catch us up on what he’s been up to and put him on the hot seat for a round of rapid fire scenario questions. He kept his composure and through it all gave us a few laughs along the way. The following is what transpired.

Dispatching from Mexico …

Where the hell are ya right now? Anywhere interesting?

I’m currently down in Salina Cruz, Mexico, the worlds hottest surf destination, trying to find some gold on the right points.

Are you or are you not wearing an Arcade belt during this interview?

No! I’ve been wearing trunks pretty much since I have arrived. You know your on a good trip when you absolutely roasted and haven’t even touched your bag of clothes since arriving.

Well, either way glad your drawers aren’t falling, that sh*t’s annoying.

Or awesome.

Seems like you had a pretty mental year last year, almost qualifying for the CT and all. How’s 2016 been treating you so far? What’s the Dunphy grind looking like these days?

Yeah making the CT has been my main focus the past few years now. Coming so close definitely opened my eyes and showed me that I can do it, but the process to get there can really test you. I’ve just been trying to do trips mixed in with the contests to not corner myself into strictly that category.

Just saw, that rad piece on Surfline, tell us a little bit about your trip with Bal and your little obsession with finding those secret gems in the Caribbean.

We had a blast! No phones, no one on your inside every time you paddle for a wave, it was cool man. I’m so use to going to these events where your just surrounded by hundreds of good surfers, making catching your own waves a bit of a headache a lot of times. The end of last year I was really drained from all that, and just wanted to surf with a friend. I’ve had my eyes peeled on Google Earth in Caribbean forever. The swell looked right, and Balaram is down for anything at any moment, so we booked flights and explored. Fun adventure.

Surfing is fun, especially when it's just @_balaram and you on an island doing it. ? @jhechtkopf

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Still not gonna tell us where that right is huh?

Make google earth your friend!

Any other trips this year that have stuck out?

Yeah, I went down to Panama in April with Luke Davis, Evan G, and Ian Crane. We had the most hilarious crew ever and scored waves with just us for 8 days straight. Stuff like that doesn’t happen! It was crazy.

"Trust your F'king Surf Guide". Today @redfrogbungalows

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You’re a well versed traveler, any where you’d be pumped to see us cover in our next travel issue?

You can’t go past the Caribbean. Between the colors and vibes, it doesn’t get much better I don’t think.

Whats your opinion on coming up to New York, you’ve been here a few times when the waves were good, right?

I’ve been coming up every fall for years now. Balaram and I got some of the best waves I’ve seen on the east coast at Lido a few years back. Always love coming up that way to surf and dip into the city. 🙂

Coolest or craziest NY or NYC story from when you’ve visited?

Haha. So last year the night before the final day of the Belmar event, I had a quarterfinal heat at 9am. I went into the city to what I thought was going to be just a mellow dinner and catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. Like how any dinner goes in the city, we had a few beers…and then a few more. Next thing you know, it was midnight, I had missed my train home and was feeling VERY good. Ended up hanging way too long and took an expensive Uber home from the city very late. Running off fumes and good morale from the night before, I ended up winning the event and paying myself back from the beers and Uber. I need to start trying this preparation in more events.

Pizza or Tacos?

Tacos when your sober. Vice versa.

In a few words, what would your Tinder profile say if you had/have one?


Lets Get Weird

What’s better…raging with the boys at The Boxx, VB or Doc T’s the morning after?

You can’t go past a big Boxx night when everyone’s in town. We need to have Mike open the bar again.

How do you feel about the word “moist”? This is a highly debated topic.

I love that word. What’s to debate? Everything is better moist.

What’s worse—a wet wetsuit in the middle of January down in Hatteras, or realizing you forgot your boardshorts when you’re about to paddle out?

Surfing naked is awesome. Surfing is supposed to be a free spirit lifestyle right?

Any new hobbies you’ve picked up recently?

Yes, weddings. I just went to my friends in the hills of Malibu last week, and it was so fun. Everyone was happy and we had a squad. I want to do more of that.

More everything! Ok, last question. Scenario: You got the girl of your dreams coming over to your place, you gotta make a play list to set the mood. Whatever mood you choose to set is totally up to you. You have 5 songs in mind. What 5 would they be?

If she’s already coming over I think your pretty much good but let’s make the mood moist.

Closing remarks?

Let’s hangout.

Check out more of Dunphy’s moist travels on his Instagram. Thanks Dunph!