License to Chill’s Island Oscillation

Mason Ho has it figured out. Rip and charge sketchy waves all day long with as much steez as humanly possible. That’s an easy sentence to read, and an infinitely more difficult concept to put into play session after session (not to mention with the camera on you). Mason and co., as evidenced in their crew’s latest montage “Island Oscillation”, have it down to the crispiest of Ts.

This clip is 12 minutes of effortless flow, and at a cornucopia of waves that most of us #just #might paddle out to, but not necessarily into. Seriously. There’s a reason almost all the clips of him at Rockies during overhead swells are…only him. The reform section is pretty nuts too, even Michael Ho snags a pretty dirty one. Grab a smoothie or a milkshake and give the play button a go.