Kooks of Kold Water: A Seasonal Surf Short

Shot and edited by Guy Fiorita, Kooks of Kold Water is a cinematic short that follows Joe Praino and Pete Cestaro as they gear up and charge some icy, albeit, solid conditions at Turtle Cove this past spring.

This well-shot piece begins with a piping-hot breakfast at home and ends with a freezing, head-high session in the Atlantic. Guy’s first person view supplies a refreshing perspective to a morning that seems nothing less than routine.

This short film pays homage to the idea that not every surf film needs to have mental airs and huge barrels, but that for some, it’s all about being on the ocean for the day, which we can all relate to.

There’s also a subtle reminder about half way through this journey (the 3:35 mark to be specific) that every season has its good and its bad — you just have to want the good a little bit more.

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