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Vans Eco Theory

Vans Eco Theory Collection: Making Skate Shoes Sustainable

The surfers, skaters, and changemakers out there tend to have pretty good taste and not only in what looks good but what feels good. For themselves and for the planet. So when it comes time to break in a new pair of high tops, you’re going to want a pair of shoes that carries you from concert to skate park to the beach and everywhere in between without harming the environment. Seems to make pretty good sense.

And our friends at Vans feel the same way. They recognize that the planet’s future is being decided in present-day decisions. So they launched the Eco Theory Capsule Collection, putting a sustainable twist on four of the company’s best-selling shoe styles… classic designs like the Slip-on, Style 36 kicks, SK8-Hi high tops, and lace-up Authentic sneakers. With a full-circle type mindset, Vans opted for responsibility sourced materials. (Did we mention they’re also vegan?)

Vans Eco Theory Collection

The canvas for the various footwear is made of 100 percent organically grown cotton grown made from non-GMO natural seeds, without the use of synthetic pesticides. The shoelaces are made from another natural fiber, but this time it’s jute. Grown with minimal water, this fast-growing renewable crop is 100% bio-degradable and recyclable, and thus environmentally friendly.

Vans Eco Theory Collection

And just because the materials have changed for the better, doesn’t mean the quality has lessened. That durable, gripping outsole ideal for kickflips and backsides still holds its appeal, and maybe even more so now that the rubber has been replaced by a responsibly sourced natural rubber instead of that no-good-for-the-planet petroleum-based stuff. Plus the farms producing that natural rubber are following practices that are ethical and sustainable.

Even the very glue that holds these multi-functional shoes together is water-based along. Sames goes for the inks creating the checkerboard colorways we know and love. So many options to express yourself and show a little love for the environment. Checkerboard, bright colors, custom pairs with a picture of your cat. Whichever look you go for, rest easy knowing that no harmful chemicals or substances were used. And that they won’t end up in the environment.

Using these responsibly and ethically sourced materials, Vans has upped its game to ensure positive benefits within the ecosystems these materials come from without sacrificing style or quality. It’s a win-win, or as we like to say a “win-win-win.”

Not only are Vans a statement for style, but also a statement for what matters most. From Classics to Slip-Ons to the entire Surf Collection, The Eco Theory Collection is making waves in the waters of sustainability. And the shoes aren’t the only efforts they’re taking. For example, Vans has committed to a lower carbon future, taking steps to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by the year 2030 along with source 100% of its top materials from regenerative, responsibly sourced renewable or recycled sources by then as well. Living off the wall and feeling damn good about it. 

Vans Professional Surfer Dane Gudauskas who helped launch the collection puts it best. “Sustainability has to be at the forefront of Vans for the future. It’s a fantastic moment to own the space and contribute to a more sustainable way of producing.”

Vans Eco Theory Collection
Dane Gudauskas walking toward the water, holding a surf board and wearing Vans Eco Theory Collection.