Jenkem Went to the Midtown Premiere of Vans’ “Propeller”

If you haven’t downloaded an iTunes copy of Vans’ recently released, full length skate video, “Propeller,” we have a problem. Not an “I forgot my wallet at the house so can you spot me” problem. A real problem — like, an “I’m 2 years late on the mortgage and can’t even afford a bag of chips” problem.

Luckily, the entertaining gents over at Jenkem Magazine scored an invited to the Midtown premiere and brought a camera to make sure people like you and I know how these legendary events in skateboarding go down. It isn’t a substitute for not having seen the film but it will do for now.

There’s an honest intro, quality photos and most importantly photo captions that only the minds over at Jenkem can produce. Give their full gallery a look-see, pull yourself together, download “Propeller” and then go pay that mortgage. Forget the bag of chips — you’re better than that.

Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva and Steve Caballero. Photo: Ray A. Llanos

Peek Jenkem’s NYC Premiere photo gallery.

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