Governor’s Ball: Whalebone’s What You Need to Know

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It’s getting to be that time of the year for music fanatics and concert goers in New York. That time of the year when the weather gets warm and the bands start coming to the big apple.

Year after year, one show in particular seems to stand out more than the others though. They jam-pack a weekend of fun, with the biggest names in the music business, and bring it to what some have called the “greatest city in the world,”… What more could you ask for, right?



Since 2011, The Governor’s Ball has made it’s way to Randall’s Island, just outside of New York City and in the process, constantly proves to be a great time! We at Whalebone love Governor’s Ball, so we thought we’d share the “need to knows,” with you. Trust us, we’ve been a couple times, and keep going back for more, so we recommend if you can swing it, that you do as well.

1. When:

The dates are June 5-7, BE THERE!

2. The Coveted “Line-up”:

That’s right headlining the festival will be those in the likes of Drake, Deadma5, The Black Keys, Lana Del Rey, and as you can see many, many more!

3. Whalebone Top 5 Picks:

Drake, Black Keys, Tame Impala, Ratatat, and Deadmau5


4. What to Wear:

It’s June! Shorts, a T and maybe a hoodie for if it gets chilly at night! #freethenipple

5. Heading West:

Train: We recommend you take the train to Randall’s Island. Trains to the city are always fun with friends, take advantage of the time together before. Beers are expensive inside ;).


Take LIRR westbound to Penn Station. Then hop on 4, 5, or 6 train to 125th street. Once there, you can hop on the X80 express bus at 125th street and Lexington avenue, and the X80 will take you directly to the festival entrance. If you want to walk to the festival from 125th street, head east on 125th street, cross the RFK Bridge, and you’re there! It’s about 1 mile (the equivalent of 20 city blocks).

Driving: Car pooling is always a good idea as well. Get to jam out and get psyched for the day on the way up!


Take Route 27 west to I-495, onto RFK Bridge, then you can’t miss it

Cost to get there:

Train: $20-30 depending if peak or not

Car: Everyone throw down for gas and you’ll be fine. It’s 114 miles.

5. Schedule Yourself:

You’re not going to be able to see every band, so before you go just accept it. There are various stages usually and different bands playing on each one. Schedule yourself, pick your favorites and plan accordingly. You’ll thank us later, like this guy.


Credit Governor’s Ball 2014


Now that you know what we know, have a blast, be safe and see you when you get back!

For more info check out The Governor’s Ball website.