[Gallery] The YOU and ME Premiere at the Surf Lodge

In the amount of times we’ve spent kicking off the weekend at Surf Lodge, we’ve got to say that the YOU and ME movie premiere this past Friday might have been the coolest night ever. The screening of Barney’s tale, his presence, the intimate Q&A afterwards—all worked magically to transform the crowd in a way that, truthfully, isn’t all too common on a Friday night out here.

From pre-sunset handshakes to post-sunset hugs, friendly laughter to introspective silence, pouring dark and stormies to pouring man tears (absolutely no shame—more than a few moments in this movie gently demanded all that the crowd’s tear ducts had to offer), Barney Miller’s story—told through cinematic excellence—made a profound impact that many of us were not expecting to experience. It was a unique night, one that felt like far less of an event to show up at, and much more of a privilege to be a part of and witness.

XL-sized shoutout our awesome sponsors (Montauk Brew Co., JackThreads, Supergoop!) that helped bring this special night to life, as well as Jayma, Julien, and the Surf Lodge squad for turning the beach area into a masterfully engaging setup.

Double-XL sized shoutout to Barney and Kate Miller, and the entire YOU and ME crew for bringing everyone together for what was undoubtedly a highly memorable and super rad experience. Hope you guys can make it back out here soon…think we’ve got a bit of surfing to do.