Fresh Fish, Cold Beer, Salt Water + Concrete: The Point

Filmmaker Brian Adamkiewicz on ceviche, skateboarding and that Punta Mita Life

Punta Mita is a spear-shaped peninsula located on the Pacific coast of Nayarit, Mexico. It’s known for its upscale luxury resorts, golf courses, and private beaches, but I know it as the best place for ceviche on earth. Can’t forget the tacos al pastor, as well as the never ending perfect waves at Anclote, and an all-concrete skatepark made by hand.

This is just one of those enchanted corners of Mexico.

Emilio Fernandez, a pro skateboarder and ramp builder and his girlfriend Cecilia Gonzalez, Marine Biologist and pro surfer get to call this “Gateway to Paradise” home. Our film follows Emilio and Cecilia on DIY builds with the help from their friends, family and community throughout the Banderas Bay. Emilio and Cecilia are really involved in making this world a better place by following their dreams and doing what they do best; surf, skate, build, and share. This is just one of those enchanted corners of Mexico. Take a look at a few days in the “Punta Mita Life.”

–Thanks to Emilio, Ceci, Ivan, Lalo, & Accion Tropical.

How to Make Ceviche

Watch @ 05:00 in video


Trigger fish, lime, salt, cucumber, jalapeño, tomato, red onion + cilantro


Chop all ingredients. Marinate in lime juice for 30–40 minutes. Enjoy in the sunshine with a cold Pacifico, preferably near the ocean where you caught the fish 30 or 40 minutes ago.

–Courtesy of Ivan Fernandez

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