First Look at Vans 198 Indoor Skatepark in Bushwick

There are walls and you can go off them

Photos by Jonathan Mehring | @mehringsbearings
Many might agree that riding planks of wood with wheels screwed to the bottom in the streets of New York City is probably the highest form of riding a wooden plank with wheels screwed to it in the five boroughs. The more traffic to weave through and fire hydrants to ollie the better. This isn’t Los Angeles, after all. New York City has never had a prolonged drought that emptied its swimming pools. Or really any sort of suitable swimming pools for that matter. And if those swimming pools weren’t empty, the water in them would probably be frozen for a good bit of the year anyway. Which is one good reason why sometimes it might just be nice to have a place to ride around on your plank of wood with wheels screwed to the bottom that is not outside in the streets that are full of ice and snow and, man, sometimes, it’s just cold and you can see your breath turning to icicles that snag the wheels screwed to the bottom of your plank of wood.

So then isn’t it nice that Vans has opened an indoor skatepark, or Vans Skatespace, this January in Bushwick and it’s a place you can go with your own plank of wood with wheels screwed to it and do tricks and roll around and hang out and maybe sometimes see a live band or some art or something? But mostly it’s a place to skate. Located at 198 Randolph Street in Bushwick (and called, appropriately enough, Vans Skatespace 198) and designed by California Skateparks, pulls in some of its inspiration from the classic New York street skating. You might even want to go there when it warms up.

The park offers three public sessions a day plus a kids session, open to all and completely free. You can sign up for a session here.