21st Guest: Evan Valiere

We’re teaming up with lululemon to host some dinners out East this summer. Each one will have 20 guests. Big for a dinner party. But here’s the thing: Though we’d like to, we can’t fit everybody at the table. This is where you come in. You’re all the esteemed 21st Guest. We want your input on the conversations around that table, for you to ask questions and be a part of the party. This week, Evan Valiere is pickin’ up good vibrations.

The underlying theme here is “doing a solid.” Your questions are going to do the party a solid and get them talking about what you want to hear. Do us one, and check back in the next edition for where can send your burning questions. Or just email us your thoughts on this or anything to us at hello@whalebonemag.com.

Professional surfer Evan Valiere gets in the barrel with us. And when we say in the barrel, we mean deep, cosmic even, and we also talk about designing lululemon board shorts.

Photos by Nick Law

Who’s the most inspiring person to you?

My daughter inspires me every day. She has a fresh mind and is learning about life. It is awesome to see her grow.  She makes me aware of what I surround her with, thoughts, feelings, emotions and that makes me want to keep her surrounded by beauty and creativity as much as I can.

What’s the biggest challenge you ever faced? Who helped you get through it?

Life has many obstacles. But having family and friends around always helps to keep a good perspective. I think you have to look at your biggest challenges and approach them one small part at a time. Nothing is too big of a challenge if taken piece by piece. It’s more about the meaning you put behind it that makes them big or small.

How have you learned the value of paying it forward?

Not sure. But I do know that it feels great to be in a position to help, and when there is an opportunity to help others just doing so is a reward. You know the feeling more by how you feel inside than anything that you will “get” from it.

What’s something anyone could do to pay it forward?

One of my favorite statements from someone whom I look up to in the highest regard was about the vibration you put out into the world. If you are putting positive thoughts and actions out into the world then you are automatically helping lift the vibration of all beings, and, to me, that is the best thing you can do to pay it forward.

If you are putting positive thoughts and actions out into the world then you are automatically helping lift the vibration of all beings.

A time you wanted to help, but couldn’t or didn’t get to?

I don’t know. I help when I can, I don’t when I can not.

Best advice you’ve ever gotten?

The best thing that I am focusing on now is organization and preparation. Things just fall into place when you are prepared. Also saying no to things that are not right and letting the good things and things that are right fall into place as well.

One piece of advice you wish you’d gotten but didn’t?

I think just applying the things that make sense to you at the time will be your best tool. The things you need will be available to you at the right time, you don’t need everything at once, but somehow they seem to be there when there is a need.

Where are the places that you go to to find inspiration?

I like to get outside and get grounded a lot of times barefoot. Just being in nature is the perfect reset on a spiritual level but also on a scientific level.

What’s a small way to do someone a solid anytime?

I think just to keep in touch with people and let them know you are there. Things are always more fun with those who you can connect with and feel a sense of purpose.

Pay it forward by: Being of service to yourself and others.

So, you’re a lululemon Elite Ambassador, what has that experience been like for you?

It’s been incredible being surrounded by such cool people who really like what they are about. It has also been very fun to be a part of the board short design team and see the trunks come from feedback stages into a great surf short. It has also been a blessing to have their support to continue my pro surf career and I am looking forward to taking my surfing further and further. Simply put it has been amazing.