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76% of our audience likes a brand more when it has been featured through Whalebone*

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Hey, thanks for clicking over. We won’t bore you with some tiresome introduction—chances are you (or a good friend) has already exchanged pleasantries with us. So instead of yet another awkward handshake, let’s jump straight in. The Travel Issue of Whalebone Magazine comes out February 1 and here are a few details on why you would not enjoy being left at the gate and how to win the discount prize:

  1. Over the years, Whalebone Magazine has won a few national advertising awards for best-designed publication
  2. The 2019 Travel Issue comes out on February 1st
  3. This issue will reach over 50,000 pretty awesome people through the print edition, and hundreds of thousands more through social media amplification. Yes, a whole lot of people take pictures of a good looking magazine and share on their social. Kind of wild. Kind of awesome.
  4. The plan includes international experiential activations in London, Sydney and Tokyo–emerging markets where data shows there is interest in Whalebone.
  5. 69% of the Whalebone audience will make a purchase decision off something they saw/read through Whalebone*
  6. 94% of our audience likes a brand more when it has been featured through Whalebone*
  7. Print is driving sales. You read that right. When done properly print is making a bigger impression and has longer engagement.
  8. Whalebone Magazine is available at Whole Foods across the nation, select airport terminals, hand-selected locations in New York, Chicago, Vermont, Florida, Austin and California including the offices of Facebook, Harry’s Shave Brand, MTV, SoulCycle, 72andSunny, World Surf League, as well as at La Colombe, Soho House, The Bridges, Ludlow Hotel, Bowery Hotel, Saturday’s, Patagonia Bowery, Seamore’s and other fine locations around the globe. Here’s where to find it.
  9. Write to and use the subject line BUCKETLIST to receive 10% off your placement in the Travel Issue. This is a test.
  10. To reserve space in the Travel Issue, drop us a line at

*Results from 2018 Whalebone Readership Survey

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