Coachella Coming to NYC This Summer

The producers of flower-child-laden music festival Coachella have announced that they will be running a new music festival in New York City this summer. The festival has been tentatively named “Panorama” and will take place mid-July at Randall’s Island Park.

News of Goldenvoice (Coachella’s producer troop) setting their sights on NYC broke this past fall. Initial speculation raised eyebrows as the proposed dates were conflictingly close to that of Governers Ball.

Tom Russell, of Governors Ball, told the Gothamist, “New York City is big enough for two music festivals but the proposed timing of this sets up an unnecessary rivalry. We’re a small, local promoter up against a big corporate machine. We know how those fights typically work out.”

Fortunately, it seems both festivals have now found a way to create breathing room and run nearly a month apart this summer — Governers from June 3-5, Panorama July 22-24.

Psychadelic dealers, flower-children and other #inherently #hip young adults will still have to wait to see Panorama’s lineup, while Governers Ball’s set can be viewed here.