Change from Within: Bryce Kennedy


ryce Kennedy is a former corporate attorney who transformed his life into one of helping others find their own transformations through meditation, feng shui and other practices conducive to making lives better. While you are working out that ouroboros of skin shedding and rebirth in your head, consider this. He is also a wearer of men’s underwear who has suffered from the same comfort and fit issues in that department that you may have. Something he terms a certain North Korean prison situation, which we are trusting he is now freed from since that situation got a considerable upgrade when he tried a pair of lululemon’s newly redesigned men’s boxers.

In addition to all of the above things, Bryce is an instructor at lululemon’s NYC Studio, and if you take a class with him during the month of March you’ll get a chance to take a pair of said transformational boxers home with you and see for yourself how change starts from within.

We spoke with Bryce about what else? Change. Of all sorts.

In what area of your life are you most resistant to change?
Bryce: Change. Simple as that. Some people are great with change. They thrive off it. It’s not how I’ve been designed. And yet, I throw myself into change ALL THE TIME. I know it’s good for me. I know the pain is temporary. I know that on the other side of change lies greatness. Thus, I will always seek change every second of the day…even though I LOATHE IT.

Who has inspired you to change and what about that person made you want to change?
Bryce: My meditation teacher, Samuel Sagan. This guy had multiple doctorates, started a meditation school, overcame insane obstacles, and pushed the boundaries of consciousness at an Olympic-level training. Anytime I think I’ve accomplished something in my life and feel stagnant, I look to him as an example of what humans are capable of.

And…my beautiful wife.

What is the biggest obstacle to change?
Bryce: Fear of what’s on the other side. It’s a double-edged sword. There’s the fear of the unknown and there is the possibility of the unknown. What is over there in the unknown? What will blow me out of the water? What will shatter everything I know in life? Everything I identify with? Scary and powerful? Not an easy line to walk…but for me, nothing better. The unknown, a terrifying bastion of possibility.

What’s more difficult, changing your diet or changing your style? Why?
Bryce: For me I eat when I’m triggered. And if there isn’t something to quench that trigger, I’m going down a hole of cinnamon buns, pizza, and meat. I’ve gotten better about it but it still has a pull. It’s nature. It’s that primal fear we all have to look for food. The fear of starving. It’s innate. And now that food is readily abundant we use it as a coping mechanism. And I am no different.

What will blow me out of the water? What will shatter everything I know in life?

If there was one thing you could change about yourself what would it be?
Bryce: I wish I could drop judgement of others. In a split second of meeting a person I’ve acted like judge, jury, and executioner. I think it’s from my days as an attorney. That’s how you have to think. Nothing can sneak by. But it is unhelpful with people. Which is why my new practice is to acknowledge the judgement and DROP it immediately.

The worst thing about wearing underwear?
Bryce: Grabs the boys and doesn’t let it go. Like a prison. A cruel North Korean prison for testicles.

An article of clothing you’ve had the longest (if it’s underwear you can tell us something else) and why do you keep it?
Bryce: I don’t keep much. I’m a minimalist. That said, I have a pink tie. I got it being a groomsman at a wedding. Has to be at least 15 years old. I keep it because it is pimp. It was the first time I ever wore pink. And while that isn’t revolutionary by any means, it meant a lot to me. And that started my love affair with pink.

We’re making a change-themed playlist for our friend who has a pair of boxers he’s worn since college. One song we need to include?
Bryce: “I Want to Break Free” by Queen or “Wake Up,” Rage Against the Machine

Favorite David Bowie era?
Bryce: Ziggy Stardust

When you are not having the best day, what’s one thing that will always lift your spirits?
Bryce: Meditation. Always meditation. The best to get re-centered. Focused. And back into my power position.

A change you saw in a student that made you feel good about what you do?
Bryce: When they realized that it was possible. The one thing in their life they were convinced was impossible. That one thing! And they did it. Where it created a new reality. A reality of Yes! Nothing like it in the world.

Take a class with lululemon NYC instructors Bryce Kennedy, Simon Lawson or Charlie Meredith during the month of March and find out how to unlock a free pair of Lululemon Men’s Boxers at the studio that day to try a change for yourself.