Black and Blue Bowl 2015


New York’s biggest punk rock festival is on its way back to town! On May 16-17, at Webster Hall, the “head bangers” and “moshers” of the Tri-State will come together for a weekend of debauchery and good times at the 6th Annual Black N’ Blue Bowl!

Each year, the festival gets bigger and more bands take part. One of the shows’ main attractions is how much pride they take in celebrating punk rock history, which draws bands and fans of the most hardcore caliber of punk to the show. If you’re into punk rock and you’re around mid-May, we at Whalebone suggest that you get your butt to Webster Hall and experience this hell of a party.

Here is a couple things you should know going into it.

1. Lineup:

Black N' Blue Bowl 2015 Lineup Poster Credit: Black N' Blue Bowl

Black N’ Blue Bowl 2015 Lineup Poster Credit: Black N’ Blue Bowl

2. Where:

Webster Hall

125 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003
(212) 353-1600

How to get there:

Train: Take LIRR to Penn. From Penn Station- You can take the A,C,E trains downtown to 14th st. Transfer to the L going towards Brooklyn and get off at Union Sq 14th street. Then you’re right there!

Car: C’mon we all have iPhones at this point. Get with it…


Whalebone’s bands to watch:

The Regulators- The band is made up of members of legendary punk bands, Bad Brains and Cro-mags, playing the music of the Bad Brains. Make sure you don’t miss this one.

Booze and Glory- One of very little US appearances for the band and definitely a must-see

Crumbsuckers- After a long hiatus they are back on stage to wow us.

MadBall- Must-see local NYC punk band

Sick of it All- Another local must-see

GO! Run! Get ready, get rowdy, get punk and have fun this year at the Black N’ Blue Bowl! If anyone asks ya’, tell em’ Whalebone sent ya’. Cheers!