[Badass Ocean Women] Professional Big Wave Surfer, Paige Alms

Photo: Erik Aeder

There are women and then there are badass ocean women. These individuals embody the spirit of one of the most special natural resources we have available. After going through this interview feature (two of four), we hope you might consider taking the opportunity to learn more about each of these ladies and their efforts to better things they come in contact with, beyond what we can share in each individual interview.

To bring this to life, we did what any good lover of the ocean would likely do and got creative. For that, we asked these ladies to seek out and interview another sister of the sea. Badass ocean women interviewing badass ocean women. We are pleased and honored to be able to share the second installment of this interview series, featuring professional big wave surfer, Paige Alms.

How did you originally get into surfing?

I had a surf lesson in Australia when I was 8, while my mom and I were traveling around the country. When we moved to Maui when I was 9, there was no looking back. With a few pointers here and there, I basically taught myself how to surf.

Who or what has continued to inspire you in life and why?

I find inspiration from a lot of different people in my life, my mom, my fiancé, my friends, people I meet traveling. I try to learn something from everyone I meet, as we are all connected somehow. It is important to keep evolving. I’ve been inspired by my mom since I was a kid, of course, she taught me I could be or do anything.

I was inspired by Rochelle Ballard and you, Keala Kennelly, growing up, as you were the hardest charging girls on the tour, and I wanted to get barreled like you guys. Now I’m finding inspiration from all of the people around me, my friends.

At what point did you decide that big wave surfing was something you wanted to go after more?

I was 15 the first time I paddled out a 9-0 at an outer reef, that’s when I fell in love with big waves. But I’d say probably when I started getting fed up trying to compete on the WQS, small wave tour haha! I’d always loved surfing bigger waves and challenging myself, I feel like it was almost a natural progression.

Top three favorite movies of all-time?

Legends Of The Fall, Jerry Maguire, Life As A House.

If you could trade your superior talent and skills for riding waves, what skill would you trade it for?

To be able to fly, definitely.

What’s the coolest thing in surfing you’d like to experience that you have yet to have done or have already tackled?

Getting a really big backside barrel at Cloudbreak or Tahiti, or another one at Jaws for sure!

What’s one thing you would share with other up-and-coming and girls about ways to overcome any of their fears or feelings of being outside their comfort zone?

To breathe and prepare. The more prepared and the more you practice, the better you will be, and then you can truly trust your skills with no hesitation.

Keep up with Paige on her Instagram (@paigealms) and website, www.paigealms.com. Thanks, Paige!