Back at the Ranch Concert (Summer 1990)

Once a week, someone in the our office gets on YouTube, searches “Montauk,” and then travels through ~43 pages of video results until something from the pre-2000 era catches their eye. This week’s find is a VHS montage from Back at the Ranch concert of summer 1990.

The clip kicks off with some rad + lowkey relevant speak of “community” in Montauk, followed by a live performance with the crowd going nuts to Billy Joel and Paul Simon jamming the f*ck out in front of a maxed out crowd of people have way too much fun.

Notably arbitrary clips include a small child taking a tequila shower + a slew of hideously incredible dance moves at the 2:21 mark, as well as hella vintage aerial footage sprinkled in at random. Looks like it was a magical time back in the day…hopefully a certain upcoming event this weekend will arouse similarly magical feelings amount event attendees. *very subtle winky face*