Made for the Movies: A tour through NYC Restaurants

Accidentally Wes Anderson’s first Food-Venture

The gang from Accidentally Wes Anderson were hungry. And in the Big Apple. So why not take a bite out of some of New York City’s most iconic spots? Some places that are such city staples, you’ve likely seen them in a blockbuster or two. You aren’t crazy for thinking the bustling restaurant in the background of that one scene looks strangely familiar. It’s probably because you’ve been there, along with Harry and Sally. Maybe after Meg’s (literally breathtaking) performance you decided you’ll have what she’s having. AWA’s two-day Food-Venture took them to New York and Hollywood’s restaurants of choice. With the Oscars around the corner, they set out a celluloid-inspired itinerary, documenting their meals along the way. Knowing your mouth will be watering as you follow along, they have partnered with our friends at Caviar, just in case you were hungry at home and wanted to have what they were having.

Day One

Katz’s Delicatessen

Pastrami purveyors since 1888, this is one of the oldest Jewish delis in the world. If you haven’t had a chance to see it in person, perhaps you’d recognize it from the 1989 rom-com, When Harry Met Sally. AWA didn’t fake it.

When Harry Met Sally, 1989

Sushi Noz

As authentically Japanese as you can get. Every single item you’ll find inside of this restaurant is imported directly from Japan. Including the fresh fish. You might not be able to get the chef’s omakase at home, but still an awards-show worthy meal.

Sushi Noz

Sant Ambroeus

What began in Milan quickly found its way overseas to the island of Manhattan in 1982 (and out East a few years later when they opened in Southampton). Pastries, desserts, and the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. Featured in the film, W.E., directed by The Queen of Pop, Madonna, Wally and Evengi brainstorm to investigate a scandal over none other than the restaurant’s renowned cup of coffee.

W.E., 2011

Day Two

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

The oldest restaurant in Chinatown, it opened its doors in 1920 serving tea and dim sum. Not only seen in the 2014 remake of Spider Man 2, but also featured in The Reversal of Fortune when the group of law students working to help prove Claus’ innocence discussed the case over, you guessed it, tea and dim sum.

The Reversal of Fortune, 1990

Peter Luger’s Steakhouse

This fine dining experience originally opened as a pool hall in 1887 and is the only woman owned and operated steakhouse in New York City. Making its debut a number of times, The Wolf of Wall Street and the HBO series Girls are the most well known appearances.

Girls, 2012

Minetta Tavern

A home to A-listers since 1937, this was the preferred drinking spot of Mr. Earnest Hemingway. It’s no wonder this was also a prominent film location, housing the ending scene of Sleepers, bringing A-listers like Brad Pitt and DeNiro into the dining room for more than just their black label burger.

Sleepers, 1996

Find the locations and further history of these New York City staples in AWA’s Food-Venture City Guide.