How To Name A Watch: A Punctual Request

Help Us Dial It in

We did not start Whalebone Magazine intending to make the acquaintance of a small watch company that we had never heard of. Truthfully, many of us never even wore watches on a regular basis. This was before Marty Pomphrey, co-founder of Aulta phoned us in October of 2017. Marty expressed his enthusiasm for what we had going on and asked if we would have time to get together. He and his compatriots Abe Allouche and Pancho Sullivan ran a small watch company and it turned out we knew a few of the same people. He did not sound like a serial killer on the phone and his website was pretty rad with a list of ambassadors for the brand that we greatly admired, so we lined up lunch.

At this lunch a few days later in NYC we learned the following:

  • Aulta was a concept born in Hawaii, between shared waves, laughs, and maybe a few beers
  • There are watches and then there are watches. Aulta is the latter
  • Owning a great watch does not mean you need to not have money left over for beer. Great quality, starting at $85?
  • The watches might not sing along, but Marty’s never turned down karaoke in his life;
  • Marty and the Aulta crew have not compromised their lifestyle based on their career choice, though they are more punctual than they used to be
  • The company that Aulta keeps is a well-respected roster of quality watermen from around the globe

After the lunch Marty shared back a few ideas that we have been working on for 2018 including a possible Whalebone x Aulta watch collab.

Here is the part where you come into play.

Help us with a few suggestions for what we should call this watch? Reluctant to say that The Bronson was already taken. If you have a moment, write us at with your name suggestions. We might even snag you one.

Here’s to no more excuses for being late.