Anonymous Zone via What Youth

Screenshot from Anonymous Zone.

We’re big fans of What Youth, and we have been ever since we heard the story of their origins — quitting the mainstream magazine world in pursuit of something more raw, more true and 10x more f*cking rad. They haven’t been around for a significantly long time, but they’ve become a staple in our daily internetting, and for great reason too.

Their content in surf, skate, music and all around youth culture is unparalleled. Sure, it helps that they had a handful of the right connections prior to launching their publication, but the amount of consistently good work they’ve put into their print and digital platforms is no easy task in this day in age. Opinions aside, they’ve stayed true to it from the get-go.

Enough with the compliments — the guys over at WY dropped a video from their skate-heavy expedition in Japan, featuring a small crew (Ishod Wair, Kevin Terpening, Peter Ramondetta and Raven Tershy) doing #big #tings at crusty spots in the land of the rising sun.

You can enjoy the full visual masterpiece below, or via their site.

Directed by Kai Neville

Filmed by Kai Neville, Michael Cukr and Jared Lucas

Presented by Monster Energy