Ryan Gallop’s Pre-Surf Warmup Is a Gamechanger

“Unless you are a competitive professional surfer, a standard pre-surf warmup probably consists of some arm hugs and a ‘half-assed’ attempt at a yoga pose. Yet if we’d all just take 2 minutes to engage in a small dose of the proper movements to mobilize our joints, activate our muscles and “turn on” our power, we would have a much more enjoyable surf session.”

“Above are a couple go-to movements WSL competitor Keanu Asing goes through to prep for a heat, do 5 reps of each movement.” – Ryan Gallop, Montauk native and Performance Director at NAKOA Fitness and Physical Therapy

Below you will find Ryan’s bio. The Montauk native’s list of clientele is no joke, and his credentials will leave you without doubt that the above warmup is something  you ought to put in play.

Name: Ryan Gallop

From: Montauk, NY

Resides: Carlsbad, CA

Fam: Married to Katryna, Sons Asher and Kieran, Dog Bo

Status: Performance Director at NAKOA Fitness and Physical Therapy

Specialty: Action Sports and Rugby Training

Current/Former Athletes:

● Keanu Asing (Current WSL Competitor)

● Big Wave Surfers Maya Gabeira and Ian Walsh

● Professional Skateboarders Tom Schaar, Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist

● Professional Snowboarders Sage Kotsenburg, Jussi Oksanen, Brock Crouch

● Former Strength and Conditioning Coach for USA Mens Rugby 7s Team