Amouage Is My Surf Heaven

There’s surf travel and then there’s surf travel. This is the latter.

Any surfer would agree that most of the best waves in the world are in some of the dodgiest, dirtiest places, and you’d be lucky to rest your head someplace nicer than a glorified hostel. Your expectations with surf travel are, let’s say, lowered. But they don’t have to be. Enter Amouage by Surf Maroc.

Walking into Amouage is like walking into a dream. This is not just a beautiful “surf hotel,” it ranks with the likes of many luxury eco-hotels I’ve seen around the world.


The interiors, for one, are #housegoals like you’ve never seen before. Every nook, every cranny—from the communal lounge area on the outdoor deck, which is covered in Moroccan rugs, poufs pillows and hammocks—to the cozy wood burning fire by the always lively bar downstairs, to the terrace outside the oceanview rooms, will make you want to have your camera on you at all times. It’s a perfect mix of minimal simplicity with pops of color and comfort.

The staff is hands down some of the friendliest, most welcoming, helpful group of people I have ever met in a hotel setting. They are genuinely interested in you, your story, where you come from, your dietary preferences, and anything else they can learn to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The food is all cooked fresh daily and comes from organic farms in the area whenever possible, and meals are served family style in the, of course, gorgeous, indoor/outdoor style dining area.

And let’s not forget the infinity pool hanging over the Atlantic ocean with a perfect view of the best wave in the area.

Whether you are into surfing or yoga (or the porque no los dos sort) there are a variety of packages—from coaching to guided to surf trips on down—and option to make pretty much everyone happy.  We did the full board (all meals), unlimited surf and yoga package, with a private guide to take us to the best waves in the area. Whether you’ve never surfed before, or you’re a seasoned vet, you will find exactly what you’re looking for here. Oh, and let’s not forget the infinity pool hanging over the Atlantic ocean with a perfect view of the best wave in the area, the spa, and the rooftop yoga. See what I mean? Amouage is my surf heaven and I hope to be back many times in the future, watching the waves crash on the sandy beach, mint tea in hand.

Hotel Highlights: surf, yoga, spa, infinity pool, oceanfront, organic food, lively atmosphere, private guide for hire, friendly staff.

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