5 Best Things on the Internet This Week

Excited to announce that our #Weekly #Best is back, and with no shortage of really good Internet. We’ve got a (relatively) hilarious SNL skit, free Nike x VSCO photo filters for your holiday in the city, the 2015 Skater of the Year announcement, Airbnb continuing to politely rip apart the hotel industry and a Donald Trump campaign tactic that serves as a realty check to how painfully ridiculous the 2016 presidential race has become. Enjoy, and remember to register your domain name before you run for president.

1. Kate McKinnon, Cecily Strong and Ryan Gosling describe an alien abduction + kinda lose their sh*t. We’re gonna be honest — it’s been a while since we’ve laughed throughout an entire SNL skit. Even when this one came screaming through our FB feeds this week, we were hesitant. It took about 2 or 3 run-ins with the video until we finally pressed play. And we’re glad we did, because Kate McKinnon’s performance is hilariously next level.

2. Nike ACG teamed up with VSCO to create limited edition photo filters. Seems like more than a handful of brands have jumped on the “collaborative product” train, but this one stands out for being rightfully in-line with each brand’s style, and not being upwards of $150 (its actually free). Described as “an exclusive preset for today’s urban explorers … especially suited for the bustling atmosphere of the city, from towering bright lights to the most intense climate conditions.” Check it out/download here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.42.48 PM

Photo: Anna Sian / VSCO

3. Anthony Van Engelen wins 2015 Skater of the Year. AVE is an absolute legend. His skating in Van’s 2015 video Propeller was unbelievable. Then you take into account that he’s 37 years old, and there really isn’t any argument left. Well deserved. Congrats AVE.

4. Airbnb is now valued at $25.5 billion. The matchmaker-lodging startup confirmed raising $1.5 billion earlier this week, making them the third most valuable privately held startup behind Uber and Xiamo. In unrelated news, outdated hotel chains have begun open-hiring any and all millennials (± a college degree) for high-paying executive marketing positions.

Photo: Emily Hagopian

Airbnb’s San Francisco headquarters. Photo: Emily Hagopian

5. If you type in JebBush.com, it takes you to Donald Trump’s campaign website. Politics aside, kudos to Trump’s campaign team on this one. The question now is whether or not Trump had given Bush fair warning about his domain-registering capabilities back in June (0:21 second mark). $3!