5 Great Things on the Internet This Week, Volume I

Featured Photo: Jeremy Klein (as featured in Surfline's New York Feature).

This past week, our Managing Director and VP of Knowledge, Bronson Lamb XVII, suggested that we start doing a team-curated, weekly series that features the 5 best things that we found on the Internet each week. Everyone in the office was like, “For sure! That’s a great idea!” because Bronson is our boss and handles payroll. But it turns out this idea — like most of Bronson’s ideas — is actually just super great. F*cking genius maybe. Jump in below, and if you pick up what we’re putting down, stay tuned each week.

  1. Surfline dropped a highly nostalgic feature on the 2011 Quiksilver Pro New York. There’s about 34 high quality photos paired with a butt-load of interesting facts about the event that you probably didn’t know. #OwenWright #300Large
  2. Snapchat is awesome for a lot of reasons. Being valued at $16 billion and making Verizon and Taco Bell pay $200,000 for slots on their VMA Live Story is most definitely one. Also, is CEO Evan Spiegel’s relationship with Miranda Kerr as awkward as it looks on Google image results?
  3. Yes, the new Star Wars movie trailer is just as awesome as your nerdy cousin is making it out to be. That dude is smart — you should listen to him more. And if you’re really feeling the trailer, here’s a couple fan theories sure to tickle your galactic fancy.
  4. Eminem wrote a perspective piece for Paper Mag on the impact of Tupac Shakur, and it’s uniquely tight. We’re probably not going to have the luxury of recommending a lot of articles about great rappers written by other great rappers, so this would be a solid pick to click and read.
  5. Rarely does a music festival photo gallery make one want to go to said music festival, but the Austin City Limits photo feature over at Monster Children has just flipped that old script on its biscuit. Highlights include a not-that-intense photo of ASAP Rocky in the baggiest overalls known to man.

Featured Photo via Charlie Hardy.