1 of 1000 with Daniel Russo

It has been said that a picture represents a thousand words. To the right person though, a picture can represent a singular feeling or specific moment in life.

It has also been said that Daniel Russo is one of the best surf photographers in the world, who so happens to have a relationship with our town that many people around here can relate to: a love for Montauk. After a long career of shooting images and building his archive, — containing some of the greatest waves, surfers and moments in surfing history — Russo has become one of those people who can relate images to pivotal moments, feelings and words that only he can describe.

We supplied Daniel with 9 creative words and asked him to dig through his archives to find images that he feels represent each word.

1. Ambition

Ambition_Raimana_©Russo-3 copy

This image is something I wanted to capture for a long time. When it finally happened, I felt like I had gotten an A in class. Raimana Van Bastolaer, under the lip at Teahupo’o.

2. Detached

detached__TAH8356 copy

Nathan Fletcher, attached when he should be detached.

3. Trippy

Trippy_25320004 copy

Alex Knost at the US Open. Alex is trippy — always down for a good time and always stoked.

4. Nostalgic

Hymalayas, Outer reef, Hawaii, Big waves, Big Paddle,Hawaii  2010

Sion Milosky on the biggest wave ever paddled. We were living amongst a legend and it was an honor to be apart of his history. “Live Like Sion.” Outer Reef, Hawaii (2010).

5. Innovation

Inovation_76260037 copy

John John Florence setting the bar high with the plaque in his hands. John John cannot be stopped.

6. Froth

Froth_N149869 copy

A frothy one. This gets me really excited. Strong powerful groundswells with offshore winds.

7. Abyss

Abyss_26590027 copy

The Tahitian Abyss. The channel at Teahupoo is one of the deepest, scariest drop offs in the world. This is the buoy tie off zone where you have to swim down to attach your ski or boat.

8. Iconic


Sonny Miller. R.I.P. to the greatest cinematographer ever. A honest human who had true passion for his art and lifestyle.

9. Montauk

Montauk_JoelMTK_Russo copy

Joel Tudor at a place he is all too familiar with — Ditch Plains. P.S. Montauk Brew Co. = best beer in the world.