Work for the moon, not the man

Work for the moon, not the man

How Detaching From Outdated Patriarchal Capitalist Structures and Working with the Lunar Cycle Can Grow Your Business, Increase Your Creativity and Free Your Mind

By: Madi Murphy, Founder CosmicRX

Working for the man has led us down a…um, weird path. To say the least. We somehow have become consumed with work, productivity and tethered to the world at every waking moment through some sort of digital umbilical cord called a “Slack channel.” 

Let’s drop in for a quick vibe check: do you feel like you are never ever doing enough? Or find yourself with zero motivation to do the tasks that once came easy for you? Wake up in the morning with a wisp of existential dread about being a cog in the machine? Or feel weird sending “circle up” emails about Q4 sales while the world burns down?

linear phases of the moon

You may have a case of internalized capitalism and you’re not alone.

What is internalized capitalism, you say? Psychotherapist Nikita Banks defines internalized capitalism as:

“A revision of the protestant work ethic. It is this idea that to be unproductive is sin, and as such, this idea that you must always be producing is in direct relation to your worthiness.”

Now, I’m not a doctor (more of a cosmic consultant, but more on that later). In my opinion, internalized capitalism can be distilled down to an individual’s need to be as productive as possible to feel like a worthy member of society. The individual may or may not be aware of it, per se, but they will surely be aware of the pressure to be constantly productive. It’s an incessant pressure that is as pervasive as, I don’t know, air. 

The truth is, in a lot of our modern concepts of career trajectory, your working hours never truly end at the closing of the workday. The “man” has put us in an endless rat race…takes, takes, takes….and then discards us when we have outlived our usefulness. 

phases of the moon

So.. what are we to do? TBH, many of us are not meant to run away from work, we are here to rewrite our story around it. Because the truth of the matter is that if you are here and breathing, you have purpose, and it feels good to bring it out into the world. Some of us like work—just not what it has become.

So, if you’re ready to break up with the worship of “hustle and grind culture” and find a high vibe replacement, we’ve got you. 

The first step to reprogramming ourselves is releasing the idea that we constantly have to be productive or in “go” mode. 

The next step is finding an alternative to how we can stay on rhythm and on track.

Enter… the Moon.

Yup, gazing at the Moon and using the Moon’s energy has guided humans for eons, and scientific studies show the Moon has effects on our mood and energy. For centuries, biodynamic farmers have planted crops and harvested at particular times depending on the Moon. We know that the lunar cycle affects the tides, reproduction in fish, melatonin levels in birds, and even hormonal changes in insects. And, just like the Moon affects the tides, La Luna can also impact the saltwater that arises within our own bodies which are composed of 50-70% water. 

Humans have a natural connection to the Moon. Through her, we remember we are cyclical creatures (read: the exact opposite of the linear hustle and grind mode). It’s been celebrated by ancient cultures and civilizations forever. 

Working with the Moon gives us an opportunity to regularly check in with ourselves, validate our insights, set new intentions, and plan the next steps with greater ease. And, this works not just for ourselves, but for our businesses, brands, and creative projects. Turns out, you can use each phase of the Moon to heal that big ol’ case of internalized capitalism. 

Whilst at first it may seem a little woo-woo, harnessing the energy of the Moon as she moves through her phases is actually something that is very strategic and logical, and it can make planning—in both your business and your life much easier.

phases of the moon over open hands

The Moon is often depicted as a symbol of the feminine. An embodiment of the rhythm of time. A metaphor for the cycles of womanhood. In fact, the qualities of the Moon—its radiance, its mutability, its sly influence and keening distance—are imposed on a socially constructed femininity. It’s no surprise that a patriarchal society would come into conflict with the great mother in the sky. 

In the early modern witch-hunts, aka emerging capitalism’s great war against its women, the root of the witch’s unbearable powers was believed to lie somewhere in the web of connections between the body, the menstrual cycle, and the Moon above us. The Malleus Maleficarum, the great and hideous Catholic treatise against witchcraft, insists that demonic powers are “deeply affected by certain phases of the Moon.”

So, it would make sense that if we want to dismantle the system, throw a middle finger at the patriarchy and stop working for the man, we would start here.

Quick intro to the 8 phases of the Moon and how to work with them

Each lunar cycle is roughly 29.5 days and is made up of 8 distinct phases. Depending on which phase the Moon is in, our energy levels rise and fall, and our creativity peaks and valleys, meaning there are times that are optimal for planning, starting new projects, writing blog posts, decluttering and closing out on projects. When we do those things at the most optimal lunar time, it can help us to be more focused, energized and successful.

Basically, following the lunar cycle lets you more easily accomplish what you want, with less stress and struggle. The cycle then starts over—it is very predictable and a constant in our life as much as the sun rising and falling every day- which makes it easy for us to plan what we want to work on based on the Moon phase we are in. So how can we tune in and harness the cycles of the Moon to make magic in our business? Here’s a breakdown.

gradient circle outline

(Day 0 / Day 28)

Energy or feeling of the phase: This is a time where you may feel called to set new goals and gather new insights and ideas for new projects. (See how many times I said new there?)

Things to try during this phase: Creative ideas might be popping off and it is the perfect time for brainstorming. The New Moon is also the ideal time to begin product launches, start sales & marketing campaigns, and begin the production of new workbooks & content.

gradient waxing crescent moon outline

(Day 3.5)

Energy or feeling of the phase: This energy is expanding (waxing = increasing), so you may feel a pull towards planning and clarifying next steps to put your goals and intentions into place.  

Things to consider/try during this phase: It’s time to gather information and tools to support you. These are the days where planners and to-do lists are your BFF. Ask yourself some questions such as what do I need to accomplish this intention, what kind of systems or support do I need?

first quarter moon outline

(Day 7)

Energy or feeling of the phase: As the light of the Moon grows, you will feel increased energy and momentum. This is your time to make things happen with your extra boost of focus and follow-through.

Things to consider/try during this phase: Pick activities that usually take the most energy or mental bandwidth from you. This is when I like to do a lot of my content creation, writing pitches and proposals or anything that I need to give my undivided attention to.

gradient waxing gibbous moon outline

(Day 10.5)

Energy or feeling of the phase: This is when you feel extra energized and engaged and when you will begin to notice your plans falling into place. You can best harness this by letting the energy carry you and staying the course. 

Things to consider/try during this phase: It is a great time for collaborations and consistent action. Now is a good time to fill in the details, delegate to avoid overwhelm and focus on the tasks you need to complete.

gradient full moon circle

(Day 14)

Energy or feeling of the phase: You may feel all of your work from the past two weeks begins to pay off.  Notice around you what is coming together and give yourself a little pat on the back.

Things to consider/try during this phase: This is an ideal time for communication, social networking, celebrating or being seen. If you do live challenges or launches, do them now. This is also a great time to be generous with advice or be of service to a cause near to you.

gradient waning gibbous moon outline

(Day 17.5)

Energy or feeling of the phase: You may be aware of any blocks or obstacles that have come up either energetically, mentally, or financially over the past few weeks. The energy that’s happening supports reflecting and recalibrating. 

Things to consider/try during this phase: If something didn’t work for you, acknowledge it, accept it, release it and make space for something better. This is your time to edit, be honest with yourself and see where you may have to adjust your course of action.

gradient last quarter moon outline

(Day 21)

Energy or feeling of the phase: The energy is slowing down and so are you—you may feel called to close things out. It’s time to clear negative or stagnant energy. 

Things to consider/try during this phase: Whether it’s meditating, decluttering your inbox or clearing your desk or WFH space, it’s important to release to make space for what’s next. If you have a monthly task list of unfinished things, it’s time to either finish them or outsource them.

gradient waning crescent moon outline

(Day 24.5)

Energy or feeling of the phase: Your energy will probably start to slow down a little bit at this point. It’s like the after-party. Now it’s time to downshift, tidy up and take a load off. 

Things to consider/try during this phase: Use this phase to relax, recuperate and renew your inner energy. Aka go, fill up your damn cup. Maybe even have some fun. (Pssst, yes, you are allowed to have fun—and it is indeed “productive” for you to rest and enjoy your life).

You may even start thinking about what your next New Moon intention is going to be. If your intention didn’t fully manifest during this cycle, it’s okay. You can create the same intention again or you can create the same intention with some tweaks or you can create a whole new intention. It’s totally up to you. 

So that’s it. Then we go back to the New Moon and start all over again.

linear phases of the moon