Whalebone Photo Contest: Joy

If we could package happiness into a pill and sell it all over the world we would be drug dealers.

But if we can package happiness and show it through some great imagery we would be a print magazine showcasing winners and the selects from the JOY category. And we’d rather go with the second option anyway because we’re awful at keeping a fish tank with sharks in it and don’t own many gold chains. The spirit of this category is the best drug you can take. Thank you to all the individuals that submitted to JOY.

Zay Yar Lin | The Game of Jumps | @zayyarlin84

“When I visited the Hsinbyume Pagoda in Sagaing in Dec 2019, I noticed some novices playing on the wavy curves of this wonderful white pagoda. The scene is so eye-catching as the novices wearing red robes and the white pagoda contrasts with the blue sky behind. I decided to take some shots and asked the novices to keep playing and jumping for a while. I used a fast shutter speed to freeze them in the right moment.”

Gabriel L’heureux | Great Success | @gabe_lheureux

“Came across these kids jumping their RC one day at the beach. They were beyond excited…So so so happy it worked… All I had that day was my old film cam. So happy this photo worked out. One of my very favorite.”


Jimmy Wilson | Sprint of Happiness | @jimmicane

“This was my first time driving down to Baja. We arrived at dawn and this was the first wave our crew saw rifle across the sandbar. It was a 10 out of 10. I feel a jolt of happiness every time I see this image.”

Muhammad Amdad Hossain | Enjoy The Rain | @amdad.photo


Ryan Craig | Wow | @chachfiles


Ashley Goetz | Escape | @the_angel_photo


Shivesh Ram | Joy Through Simplicity


Jennie Ross | Never Forget | @jennieross


Andrew Heald | Two Waters | @heald


Brent Bielmann | SALT | @brentbielmann


John Webster | The Smiling Condor | @johnjwebster


Kelli Hayden | Feeling the Stoke | @kellihayden


Heidi Zumbrun | FUCK OFF | @heidizumbrun


Kendall Williams | Sundance | @kendall.williams