Water Perspective: Todd Glaser

The School of Continued Oceanic Education is experiencing an exponential growth in its enrollment. The attractive nature of the course load, along with the submerged classroom environment, seem to have this year’s attendance near an all time high. The crew at Whalebone tracked down a few of the more advanced students in the school’s photography program to survey them on their experiences with ongoing classes. All students were asked the same question: “If there is one lesson that the ocean/water has taught you, that you’ve applied to your life, what would it be?” The following is a series featuring each’s response in both words and photos.

Todd Glaser

“The ocean has taught me to slow down, prepare for the unexpected, train for things we can’t control, and learn that the more we know, the less we really know. She is an endless supply of energy, power, life lessons, and wisdom. It is important to take the time to listen to and respect her. The same knowledge can be transcended into our day-to-day lives. When life gets stressful, instead of panicking, take a step back, go to your past experiences and use them as tools to work around whatever the situation may be. Oh, and if a big wave breaks in front of you, sing a song, it seems to slow your heart rate and save you oxygen when you’re getting sucked over the falls!”

As featured in Whalebone’s eighth issue, the Water Issue. Check out more of Todd’s work on his websiteInstagram.