Walter Iooss’ Legends of New York

We think it’d be fair to say that most high school juniors in the past half-century or so have done little more than attempt to appear awake for their post-lunch history class. We also think it’d be fair to say that a young photographer by the name of Walter Iooss Jr. wasn’t the average high school junior. Instead of sitting in the back of a classroom, listening to a history teacher go on about Genghis Khan and the Mongolian Empire, a young Iooss was standing out in the field, looking to do more than just hear about history—looking to witness and capture it. And as a junior in high school, he did (see first photo and in above gallery).

We’re immensely hyped to be able to feature some of Walter’s most renowned work since that day, as it relates to New York’s sports teams and athletes. If this gallery leaves you wanting more, cruise over to Walter’s portfolio to lose track of the day amongst an unimaginable amount of awesome sports photography.

Photos + captions as featured in Whalebone’s seventh issue, the Throwback Issue. Look out for our upcoming issue, the Water Issue, hitting pool decks all around America July 1st.