Traveling with Mystical Visions and Cosmic Vibrations

From Vortices to Mayan Passages to the Underworld: A Few of the More Magical Destinations

Some places have a feeling, almost like the ground is breathing. A rumble of something underfoot, that gives you a sense there is more to the place than meets the eye. A little magic and magnetism, immense history, actual fairy sightings—you know it when you feel it. This list will not come close to capturing every captivating place you should have on your list, but it might give you a good place to start.



The Mayan god Chaac’s love language was definitely gifts. Because it appears he required a lot of them. Pre-Columbian Mayans would visit Cenote Sagrado, or “Sacred Well,” in order to pay their respects to the rain god by bringing gifts of precious stones, pottery, gold and allegedly more than a few human sacrifices. Archeologists have since discovered human remains at the bottom of the cenote which are said to have injuries consistent with that of sacrificial rituals, but who’s to say…the DNA testing was crap back then. Cenote Sagrado is believed to be a passage to the underworld, probably why you won’t be allowed to take a dip anytime soon, but you can still visit…just don’t jump in.



It may be on the eerie side, but there is something unmistakably moving about the St. Louis Cemeteries. Rows of mausoleums ranging from extremely ornate to barely marked due to age and environmental damage. As a holy ground, it is an enormous power spot for anyone who might be seeking to draw from it. Famous Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau, is even believed to be buried in No.1. You can visit Marie’s tomb and leave offerings for her while you’re there. No matter your reason for visiting, a healthy respect for the dead is always appreciated.



In Greek mythology, Parnassus was home to the Muses, which are the deities that inspired music, art and poetry. This makes a ton of sense once you’ve been here. It’ll inspire you to grab a watercolor set on your way out of the gift shop (unverified whether or not there is a gift shop). The mountain was also sacred to Dionysus, or the God of Wine, whose judgment we should all be emphatically listening to. While there are hundreds of places in Greece that will give you that magical feeling, Mt. Parnassus leaves you with a sense of appreciation for its history, canon and natural majesty.



Built in 1692, the sacred site of the Tiger’s Nest has become a cultural staple for the people of Bhutan. Legend says that Buddhist Guru Rinpoche flew on the back of a tigress from Tibet to the site of the temple. How does a tigress fly you might wonder—use your imagination. Only accessible through a mountain path, it’ll take you a good two to three hours to get there from the bottom, you will not be given your own flying tigress, but it is well worth the trip to see this breathtaking monastery in the clouds.



Sedona is said to be riddled with vortices that are supposed to emit different types of energy from them, some coming shooting up from the ground and some come spiraling down from the sky. All supposedly evidenced by the twisting trees. And people from all over with names like Sage, Harmony and probably some regular names come to Sedona’s vortices to gain spiritual enlightenment and most people say they leave feeling lighter and refreshed in their souls…which is nice. If you fail to gain a spiritual perspective while you’re there, you will have at least been able to take in some really pretty caves, twisty trees and colorful rocks.