The Whole Tiny House Movement Thing Is Cool

Photo: Foster Huntington

The tiny house movement is a damn attractive social campaign devoted to simple living around the world. We kinda visited a similar push for a more “environmentally-focused, architecturally-rad community” in a New York-related present recommendation this past Christmas, but we’re here again after discovering the official Tiny House Movement account on Instagram this week—which encompasses a broader span of comfortably miniature homes that sit humbly in, on, and in some cases, slightly above, our planet’s soil.

I could write a little bit more about it but I won’t because 1. my coworker just dropped a huge f*cking bag of Sour Patch Kids on my desk and I can’t eat them if I’m typing, and 2. this movement is far better delivered in visuals, which I think you’ll find to be true by checking out our four favorite selects from their Insta, below.

1. House on Super Chill Lakefront Property That We Like

2. House in Super Chill Family of Trees (That We Like)

If you like beautiful Tree Houses, you might like @treehousemovement @treehousemovement @treehousemovement ? : @redwoodromper

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3. House on Super Chill, Pacific Northwest Island Property (That We Also Like)

4. Contemporary Box House in Super Chill Forest Setting (That We Think Is…Likable)

(1/2) Cedar-clad cabin #tinyhousemovement ❤️ or ? ? #simpleliving #simplelife #tinyhouse

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