There Is a Revolution…It Can Be Heard

Photo from Patagonia, Inc. featuring Ramón Navarro

The Fisherman’s Son: The new film from Patagonia and Chris Malloy will make you want to join the revolution. #LobosPorSiempre #ProtectThePoint

Ramon Navarro Film with Chris Malloy and Farm League. Photo from Patagonia, Inc.

Patagonia has been on a tear the last decade in pushing its environmental initiatives, and changing the way big business does … well business. Their focus on community, environmental activism and the triumph of the human spirit have taken precedence over padding the bottom line. We here at Whalebone are especially fond of how the company manages to produce some of the most badass surfing and lifestyle documentaries of late, and are stoked on “The Fisherman’s Son;” their new documentary produced alongside Chris Malloy of Farm League and Save the Waves, which highlights the important work that @patagonia_surf Ambassador Ramon Navarro is doing at his home break of Punta de Lobos.

An infamous big wave surfer, Navarro has come home and dedicated himself to protecting the pristine and natural shoreline along the Chilean coast, and promoting the communities that help make this place so special. Punta de Lobos is just shy of four hours from the capital city of Santiago and boasts one of the sickest left point breaks you’ll ever see.

Navarro grew up with this wave in his backyard, and after receiving a broken board from a pro surfer as a kid, he quickly discovered his calling; until now …

He has returned to his origins to help save Punta de Lobos from overdevelopment, and the destruction of the very same resources that made him into the man he is today.

Ramon Navarro Film with Chris Malloy and Farm League.

Photo from Patagonia, Inc.


“It is one of the most unique coastal landscapes in Chile, with the iconic Morros and beautiful headlands gracing the point. A migratory stopping point for gray whales, the immediate area supports a rich coastal and marine ecosystem that includes plentiful fish, crustaceans and endemic cactus and bird species,” Patagonia said. And we say; “Yes please.”

Based on the book of the same title, Chris Malloy (180° South, Thicker Than Water) touches our surfing heart strings yet again, highlighting the truly important work Navarro and the folks at Save the Waves are doing, all while focusing on the lead character throughout, the Chilean Coastline. As mentioned earlier as some of Patagonia’s key focal points, the film similarly focuses on the community and the culture that really make this place special. The Save the Waves coalition, standing behind Navarro’s work, wants to promote this community and self preservation through protecting this landscape as a prestigious World Surfing Reserve location. A rare feat for any sought after desired surf spot, but well deserved for the amount of effort and community stewardship Navarro has promoted.


Photo from Patagonia, Inc.

We here at Whalebone know a thing or two about preserving what once was, and highlighting all those great things that make our community, well a community. Be it our centuries old fishing heritage, or having some of the best surf spots along the East Coast, we’ve seen this sleepy village become a bustling summer destination. Not saying tourists and development are a bad thing in moderation, but we support someone like navarro trying to preserve the heritage of his home.

“Living the examined life is a pain in the ass,” Patagonia’s own Yvon Chouinard said, and it takes a brave soul to stand up for what they believe in these days, shunning money and fame to do what’s right. That is exactly what Ramon Navarro has done, using his voice and power to create a campaign to protect his home and this incredible place from the threat of massive corporate development.

So without further adieu, kick off the flip flops, sit back, and enjoy this Patagonia + Whalebone premiere of The Fisherman’s Son.