Theater Perspectives

color front of movie theatre with 'Read a book' on the marquee

A Night At The Movies

The feeling of settling into a creaky chair while the smell of buttered popcorn wafts through the air and you gently peel the bottom of your shoes off the (almost pleasantly) sticky floor is somehow one of the more lovely experiences for most humans. There isn’t the technology to capture and bottle that exact feeling just yet (we’re working on it) but the next best thing was to reach out to a few very talented photographers and ask: In a few words, how does going to the movies make you feel?

NEUES OFF KINO interior photo facing the theatre screen covered with teal velvet curtains.

NEUES OFF KINO | Berlin, Germany

By Silvie Bonne

I’m miles away from daily life. The big screen, the surround sound and the darkness make me feel like I’m part of the story itself. But also the atmosphere of the movie theater—I love going to small, independent, retro movie theaters—the beautiful interior, a vintage ticket office, a big curtain in front of the screen… brings me to another time and place.

TOWER THEATER interior lobby. Colorful pink doors with pattern green, orange, and cream colored floors.

Roseville, CA

By Alec Tucker

It’s a special kind of wonder that I don’t feel while watching films at home. The grand scale of seeing a film in a theater makes me feel immersed in the story, visuals and sound. Those wonderful feelings combined with the excitement of seeing a film I have been waiting for is a priceless experience.

GÓNGORA THEATER exterior shot, pink walls with 3 teal archways.

Cordoba, Spain 

By Francesco Faliero Leonardi

Living the cinema is entering a remote place and isolating yourself from your life, starting an oneiric journey with your own eyes and coming out artistically and emotionally enriched.

JAPANESE NATIONAL BROADCASTER interior shot facing the projector with pink velvet seats.


By Jeff Wilson

When I go to the movies, I feel like I am opening the door to my imagination and inviting everyone to come in and leave a memento.

CRESCENT MOON exterior shot of tan building with big marquee.

Kanab, UT

By Chiara Bolognesi

Unfortunately, cinemas in Italy, where I’m from, are mostly big companies with large halls and no cinema taste at all. Just some small ones are still open in the old city centers, and when you go there you can breathe the real cinema experience, candy and popcorn smell all over the place, uncomfortable armchairs and only old movies on the schedule. These are the kind of cinemas I want, like this one in Utah, the kind that bring me back to my childhood.

AMERICAN THEATER exterior shot with 'American' in big lights.

Charleston, SC

By John Apsey

An opportunity to get away from the distractions of home and fully enjoy the film.No phones, no laptop nearby, no dogs barking at every animal they see on TV.

ODEON THEATRE exterior shot yellow walls with blue and red marquee.


By Kat Currie

Going to a theater brings me back to a time before streaming services made movie-watching a solitary experience at home. When you go out to the movies you instantly become part of a community that shares the laughter, sadness and tension. It’s the way movies were meant to be seen.

CINEMATHÉQUÈ DE TANGER interior shot of wall with chair. Chalkboard sign with "films du jour".


By Max Ablicki

It makes me feel like a kid again. I remember my grandparents always used to take me to see movies when I was young, and every time I go to a theater I always feel connected to those memories … and there’s a big place in my heart for heavily buttered popcorn. 

STAR DRIVE-IN THEATRE with sunset sky and big projector screen.


By Kayla Heersink

I feel immersed in an unknown story—be it horror, comedy or romance. I can grab my concession candy and settle in for a sweet dopamine hit.