The Seagull or The Sardine by Anthony Dooley

2 years ago this tale of the simple life in and around the beaches and reefs of the Montauk coves was born. Yes, a whole 2 years ago, which might make you think why is this still relevant and why am I reading or watching this.

Well here’s why. If you ever walked into the Old Westlake Clam & Chowder House, which not too long ago switched names and location to what is now Salivar’s Clam & Chowder House, like many of us local folk did in our younger days, the star of the film, “Cheech,” was a familiar face. Always equipped with a smile, a bellowing laugh and a “half full” Budweiser in hand, he over the years became a true an East End living legend.

Which is why you should watch “The Seagull or The Sardine,” because if you don’t know “Cheech” this will give you a good idea of the kind of person he is, and if you do know “Cheech” you’ll get a good laugh out of it, and that’s a reward in itself.

The short film gives you this feeling inside that just makes you kind of happy when you think of Montauk, as a welcome from “Cheech” at the Ol’ Chowder House used to be. The imagery has a lot to do with that as well, as the cinematography of our good friend and seasoned, worldwide spear fisherman, Anthony “Tony” Dooley, gives you a glimpse into a simpler days on the East End. This narration of the fictional, yet realistic story of a spear fisherman living off the land and sea, brings you to a side of the East End some of us never get to see, and some of us find only in our little hamlet, away from the hustle and bustle of town.

So grab a budweiser and some fish sticks, kick back and enjoy the simple life in, “The Seagull or The Sardine,” by Tony Dooley.