The Lemonade Stand

Well, the time has come. The stand is closed. We’re chugging the leftover lemonade and reading through some excellent ideas. Keep in touch. We tend to do things like this all the time.


Great projects and ideas that will soon be more than just that.
And all for some pretty amazing causes.

Grand Prize Winner:

By the Pennington Girls in STEM

Their mission: Provide refugee women with the skills and resources to make a living by producing and selling a health product women need living in a low-water resource community. 

This team of badass ladies from the Pennington School in New Jersey are working to provide sanitary napkins for women in low-resource communities to better provide materials for girls during menstruation.

Girls in refugee camps face many challenges to stay in school after beginning menstruation, and the Pennington Girls are working to change that. Now with a product in hand, they are providing refugee women with the materials to produce these hybrid napkins as a source of income.

The larger goal is to sell the initiative to larger corporations, using the donation to give these misplaced women a chance to make a living and to help girls stay in school. Women empowering women to make the world a better and more accessible place.

First Honorable Mention:

Their mission: Create more meaningful work for sommeliers, and more meaningful discovery for wine lovers.

For all the wine lovers. Telesomm works to connect lovers of wine with sommeliers for intimate and customized experiences. Pretty simple—pick the sommelier you want to work with, bring you friends and Telesomm does the rest. Tailoring the entire experience to what you want to get out of picking the brain of a sommelier. Creating more meaningful work for sommeliers and spreading the knowledge to lovers of wine. Not too shabby. Giving back to wine education, they donate revenue to the Roots Fund. Not a fan of wine? They’re working to expand with Telarista for coffee lovers and Telerone for beer lovers. We’ll go for all three.

Second Honorable Mention:

By Sage and Charlene D’Cruz

Their mission: Our mission is to facilitate one hot meal a day, every day of the year in our community on Chequamegon Bay.

These two women are on a mission to provide meals to their surrounding communities. Bringing the community together, while cooking out of their own kitchens. They cook, serve, and educate to grow their connections and program. The ultimate goal is to move from their homes to a food truck to be able to travel through the five local communities to serve and provide meals. Working to be a nonprofit and pass this dream down through generations. And who doesn’t love tacos?



Mark Groves 

Mark Groves is a Human Connection Specialist. He is the Founder/Host of the popular relationship podcast, the Mark Groves Podcast, founder of Create the Love and co-founder of Mine’d.


Bethany Yellowtail 

Bethany Yellowtail is an Indigenous Fashion Designer and an enrolled member of the Northern Cheyenne Nation who was raised in the Mighty Few District of the Crow Nation. She is the designer and CEO of B. Yellowtail, and the B. Yellowtail Collective, a brand initiative to support Native American, First Nations and Indigenous entrepreneurs.


Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo Garcia is a professional Chef, Motivational Speaker + Athlete, and is the Co-Founder of the food brand Montana Mex.


Kat Hantas

Founder and CEO Kat Hantas is the brains behind 21Seeds—the all-natural, fruit-infused tequila that not only makes a statement on your bar cart and tastes delicious but is disrupting the alcohol industry with an approachable disposition to spirits.


Rhonda Harper

Fearless leader of Black Girls Surf, an international NPO whose mission is to train, educate and empower young girls who wish to compete in professional surfing while using it as a catalyst for education. Having witnessed the lack of diversity in the competition surf world, Ms. Harper is launching the first professional surfing contest series, Simunye Pro, focusing on girls/women’s education, wellness and surf development in August 2021 on the shores of South Africa through the World Surf League and Africa Surf International.



One Grand Prize Winner will receive:
  • $20,000 cash prize
  • $40,000 marketing package on Whalebone sites and socials
  • (3) One hour-long mentorship sessions with Alex Faherty, redeemable until December 31, 2021
  • A $500 Faherty Brand gift card
Two Honorable Mentions will each receive:
  • $2,500 cash prize
  • 1 dedicated eblast from Whalebone, to Whalebone newsletter subscribers
  • (1) One hour-long mentorship session with a Faherty brand team member, redeemable until December 31, 2021
  • A $250 Faherty Brand gift card


Who are you guys?

Whalebone is a magazine and also a hot sauce company. Faherty is a sustainably-minded company creating gotta-feel-it-to-believe-it softness clothing.

Who is eligible?

Any side hustle or small business (or even just an idea for a business that you keep drawing logos for on the back of napkins) with less than $100k a year in annual revenue. Doesn’t matter what field or industry. Maybe you want to make a magazine, develop a new food, design a clothing line or create a relationship podcast… we’re open to anything and everything, the world is your oyster. But probably don’t take ideas on what sort of business to start from us.

Can you give some examples of businesses you like?

Faherty is committed to giving back, with 1% for the Planet and support of Surfrider going on. So obviously those sorts of missions are valuable to us. We love when passion and impact merge to create something beautiful. Faherty is a clothing company that cares about design, sustainability, and community. Whalebone is a rad magazine that also has a hot sauce business on the side. Each of our judges grew their businesses from side hustles that turned into a real thing. The sky is the limit.

Will there be an actual lemonade stand? 

We love lemonade, but we thought to get the brain waves pumping a little more, we would combine two of our favorite things and offer lemonade AND coffee. In partnership with La Colombe, we will be having lemonade stand activations in select Faherty stores this month in honor of the competition. Stop in, say hi, grab a can of the new La Colombe Nitro Cold Brew with Lemon and maybe even pick up a new piece for your closet. Also, keep an eye out on Montauk, where Whalebone may just pop one up too—look for the yellow dog and the seven-year-old near Gin Beach and you might just find what you seek 😉

Are there terms and conditions? 

Yep, click here to see the fine print.

Thanks, you’re doing great.