The Happy Little Tour by Whalebone Magazine. Picture of a blue vw bus in front of a field of sunflowers.
montauk to marfa with whalebone magazine on the happy little tour

Not too Shabby.

If you didn’t know, Whalebone was able to bring breakfast to 100+ teachers, donate $1,000 to local food pantries across America, drop off fresh cookies for New York City Fire Departments, do a free dog wash to dozen of amazing pups in Tennessee, hand out hundreds of flowers to strangers in the park, do a tie-dye session at a senior living center, free coffee for overworked truckers at rest stops across the country, leave a $2,660 tip to an assuming waitstaff, bring cookies and treats to the nurse staff of St. Jude’s Children Hospital, host a feel-good water balloon fight on a warm Friday afternoon, give cards and gifts to toll booth workers, hand out thousands of dollars of goods from sponsored, allow Gloria to get her three grandkids gifts out of layaway for the Holidays. And the magazine! Hundreds of free copies of the Hippie Issue, presented by Rit Dye, were given out along the way.