The Food Diary of a Yogi with Bethany Lyons

What would your food diary look like if you kept one? Steak and eggs for breakfast or are you more of the bowl of yogurt type? Do you eat the same things constantly or do you mix it up? You know you can tell your diary anything … right?

Well, recently we caught up with Bethany Lyons, celebrity yogi, SoulCycle master instructor and owner of Lyons Den Power Yoga in New York City. As a role model and inspiration to many, leading by example is a big part of her routine.

In lieu of our recent Order Up issue, we asked her to share with you all what her food diary would look like on a daily basis if she kept one, and to tell us what it takes for her to stay in shape while keeping up with her busy schedule as a yogi living in the fast paced city of New York. Believe it or not — when it comes down to it — she let us know you don’t have to eat like a mouse to be fit. It’s ok to splurge a little, as long as you find balance. And not just on the yoga mat, but more importantly in the kitchen. Here’s what she had to say.

Dear Whalebone Food Diary,

My name is Bethany Lyons. I am a yoga teacher and studio owner of Lyons Den Power Yoga in New York City, and with these roles come many assumptions on what I must and mustn’t eat.

2015-08-04 04.25.56 pm

Bethany on the mic.

Let me begin by saying – this girl drinks coffee, diet coke with lemon and wine. And when I say wine, I mean good wine — I know, right? The Horror! In saying that, I am a huge believer in moderation, fueling my body with what it needs and allowing myself to enjoy the act of dining out.

I am a pesca-vegetarian, which means I eat fish and I don’t eat meat. This is what works for me and has for the past 15 years or so. I was never a big on eating meat – opting for the grilled veggies and fresh fruit more often than not anyway. I also love green drinks, raw blends and all that jazz. My preference is Lulitonix – which we sell at Lyons Den Power Yoga – but I do not believe you must solely rely on raw, organics to be healthy and happy.


Happy & healthy here with good wine.

What might I eat on a typical day of teaching, practicing and running my business? Well, here’s the breakdown.

To start the day, a big glass of water, then black coffee. I must drink the water before the coffee and then eat something light. This morning I had honeydew melon – a bowl of cut up, ripe chunks – delish!

After I practice and or teach, I’ll have a KIND bar, a smoothie or a green blend if I’m on the run. If I’m at home, I’ll whip up two organic hard boiled eggs with some shredded basil from my tiny NYC herb-garden and a little sea salt. I carry raw almonds in my bag at all times. I use these to refuel and keep me going during the day when I don’t have time for my egg spread.

2015-08-04 04.25.04 pm copy

Bethany in action with a yogi friend.

For lunch, a mixed green salad with avocado, tomatoes, onions and quinoa works for me. Dinner might be sushi and miso soup, or something like grilled fish and vegetables. If I’m out at a good Italian restaurant I am getting the fresh pasta – just not in mass quantities.

At the end of they day, my advice is — eat mindfully, enjoy the food you are eating and always order the good wine.

Words by Bethany Lyons

Instagram: @BethanyLyons and @lyonsdenpy Twitter: @balmnyc