Sloppy Sunday || 8/30/15 – Ditch – 8:30 a.m.

August 30, 2015 @ 08:30 AM

It’s a sloppy Sunday out there today, and I’m not talking about the drink specials at the Point. Waves are in the waist to chest high range with bumpy conditions due to a gusty W wind. There are a few guys out there getting some considering there are still some long lefts left over from that ESE ground swell, but for the most part it isn’t looking to appetizing. I would say if you’re going to surf grab the longboard, and if not you’re not missing much. For more of the Ditch Report check back with us daily right here on the site and on Instagram @whalebonesurfreport, for the update right to your phone. Hope everyone had a good weekend, cheers.

Low 02:11 AM -0.49ft
High 08:40 AM 3.41ft
Low 02:31 PM -0.43ft
High 09:04 PM 3.48ft
First Light 05:42 AM
Sunrise 06:11 AM
Sunset 07:24 PM
Last Light 07:53 PM