Saturday Slides || 7/25/15 – Ditch – Noon

July 25, 2015 @ 12:00 PM

It’s quite … colorful down at Ditch today. The characters are out and about on the scene, and the hues gleaming off of the umbrellas and bright colored bikinis are vibrant in the bright sun to enjoy. The waves however are pretty small. They are coming in at around knee to waist high and conditions are bumpy with a hard E wind on it. There are a bunch of people getting waves, but the crowds are a little overwhelming. I saw about six dudes on one wave, but it was kind of chill! Seemed like everyone was getting along sharing a few. If you’re going to give it a go, I’d say be careful, grab a longboard and get out there. The weather is beautiful and this summer weekend is in full force. For more of the Ditch Report check out @whalebonesurfreport on Instagram and be sure to check back with us daily for your surf update.

High 01:57 AM 2.07ft
Low 08:10 AM 0.56ft
High 02:55 PM 2.49ft
Low 09:28 PM 0.75ft
First Light 05:03 AM
Sunrise 05:35 AM
Sunset 08:12 PM
Last Light 08:44 PM