Monday Morning Surprise || 8/10/15 – Ditch – 7:30 a.m.

August 10, 2015 @ 07:45 AM

Monday is producing for us this morning. Waves are looking really fun. They are coming in at around chest to head high and conditions are as clean as can be with little to no wind on it. Any wind that is on it as well is out of the NW, and the swell has a really nice line out of the east, so in other words, we have perfect conditions. It is definitely a morning to jump out if you can. For those who can’t, I’m sorry your reading this. Grab your board and head to the beach. Keep up with the report every morning on social by following @whalebonesurfreport and be sure to check back with us daily for more of the Ditch Report. Get out there!


High 05:23 AM 2.36ft
Low 10:54 AM 0.36ft
High 05:58 PM 2.98ft
First Light 05:21 AM
Sunrise 05:51 AM
Sunset 07:54 PM
Last Light 08:24 PM