Manic Monday || 8/17/15 – Ditch – 7:30 a.m.

August 17, 2015 @ 07:45 AM

‘It’s just another manic Monday.’ The reason I say that is — not because there aren’t waves — it’s because of what the waves are doing. They are coming in at around the waist to stomach high range and conditions are semi-clean with variable early SW winds on it. Although there is a little pulse coming in, the lines rolling through are not those usual long Ditch Plains lefts. Things are looking super shifty and peaky. Waves are quick in length and all over the place. My overall rating would be about a 5 out of 10 and I would say grab a longboard if you’re itching to jump out. If you can’t don’t sweat it, you’re not missing much. For more of the Ditch Report check back with us daily and remember to keep up with the report on Instagram @whalebonsurfreport.


Low 03:28 AM 0.13ft
High 10:17 AM 2.79ft
Low 03:41 PM 0.3ft
High 10:04 PM 2.69ft
First Light 05:28 AM
Sunrise 05:58 AM
Sunset 07:44 PM
Last Light 08:14 PM