Still a little swell deficient.

May 14, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

Ditch was looking pretty small, but perfect at report time today. Waves are in the shin to knee high range and conditions are pretty immaculate right now with a light NW wind on it. If only it was bigger because it’s as glassy as it gets! If you have the time, I would recommend jumping out on a longboard, only because the conditions are so perfect. If you don’t have a longboard though, and have stuff to do today, definitely don’t stress having a surf. It’s looking like Lake Montauk out there.

High 04:59 AM 2.62ft
Low 10:54 AM -0.13ft
High 05:36 PM 3.12ft
Low 11:47 PM -0.1ft
First Light 04:56 AM
Sunrise 05:28 AM
Sunset 07:59 PM
Last Light 08:30 PM