It’s Not Hard To Reach

Photography by Andreea Waters

On a foggy, cold Friday in May 2012, I discovered Rockaway Beach. Driving over the bridge onto the peninsula put me in another world. Surrounded by concrete, dark shadows, and whispering winds, I wondered, who surfs here? While living in New York surfing stole my eyes and lured my photography to the beach. The idea of being an insider, photographing these transient moments and the desire to experience it was my sexy daydream.

May 25, 2012, Rockaway Beach, NY

New York surfing is mad. There is nothing easy about it. The waves are inconsistent, surf breaks are hard to access, winter brings the best waves and it is brutally cold. It takes a certain person to surf in the city. Surfing is a foreign language that one has to learn, as a photographer I had to immerse myself in the culture and the way of life to understand ocean and surfer—the beauty in the madness.

Johnny, July 29, 2018, Rockaway Beach, NY

In February 2016, Andreea Waters released her photography book titled, Surf NYC —a visual story and celebration of the unique spirit of New York’s ocean community.