Summer in 35mm: Jesse Joeckel

One of my many favorite things about living in Montauk is the change of seasons and how drastic your surroundings quickly come to life, then just as quickly fade away. Spring marches in and our sleepy little village comes to life again, stores open, restaurants start serving up your favorite dishes, we begin to shed the layers of winter and more importantly our 5mil wetsuits. 

For me summer is so nostalgic, the smells, familiar faces, sharing waves with 100 of your best friends at ditch, fish caught, ferry rides, sunset cocktails, early mornings and late nights… or late nights becoming early mornings. When I was younger I feel like I could hold these memories for much longer, nowadays I like to keep a camera close to help me document these special moments with friends, family and complete strangers. As the official end of summer is here it was a pleasure going through these snapshots and reliving a summer that went by in a flash.

I shot about 20 disposable cameras from June to Sept, here are a few of my favorites… take a look, you may even see yourself.