SoulCycle’s Emily Turner Grants Us Access to Her Summer Jam Playlist

If  you’ve ever ended up inside the Montauk SoulCycle on Sunday morning—either voluntarily or by the girlfriend of three years’ will—there’s a solid chance that your unsuspecting spirit was led into stationery bike combat via an terrifically fierce instructor named Emily Turner.

Emily’s ability to make a dimly lit room full of early risers go berserk and push their bodies to the limit is, quite frankly, unparalleled by any other instructor of any other fitness regimen known to the East End, perhaps Earth.

We ran into her outside of her lively war-zone of a SoulCycle studio, where we were able to catch our breath, form human-ish words and request a playlist—the driving force behind her well attended classes. It’s a daily mix worth consideration, with a few more chill elements than the Sunday morning battle anthem.

Thanks, Emily—for this and for being a beacon of light to the often-harsh beginning of each week.