Robbie Maddison + Dirt Bike + Teahupo’o = We Can’t Make This Stuff Up Vol. 4

Every so often, something happens in the extreme sports world that makes you believe that the impossible is achievable. A moment in action sports history in which someone pushes the limits of simply, what can be done and what can’t be done. These triumphant achievements usually reach the masses by mode of video documentation and no matter how many times you press play, you may still not fathom what you just watched.

In the past, these have been iconic moments like Tony Hawk’s 900, Kelly Slater’s 540 air reverse, John Mildon’s recent BMX quadruple backflip or one of the many times Shaun White has done something like this on a snowboard. Today, I can happily say is one of those days for action sports fans.

This weekend, DC shoes released a video of professional FMX (stunt) dirt biker and team rider, Robbie Maddison, doing something that has never been attempted or even seriously thought about on a motorcycle (understandably so) until now.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 12.24.08 PM copy

Robbie Stunt Dirt Surfing… or whatever you call it. Photo: Youtube

The thing about Maddison’s feat though is how mind blowing it actually is on all fronts. Think about this for a second and let it sink in:

A dirt bike riding on water. Yes, that is right. Maddison rode a dirt bike in the ocean. That’s only the first part though. Now process this, Maddison rode a dirt bike on the ocean and caught a wave, but not just any wave. Ok has it sunk in? Good. Now fathom this part — Maddison caught or rode, however you would consider it, into a bomb at what some call the heaviest spot in the world — Teahupo’o. Some surfers won’t even consider surfing “Chopes,” and this madmen did it on a damn motorcycle.

Honestly, there isn’t much more we can say without you seeing it. So prop open that laptop, throw it on full-screen and click play. After watching it the first time, wipe your eyes, clean your glasses or throw in some fresh contacts — “do what you gotta do” to believe it happened… but it is real, we swear.