Mission Complete: Leif Meets Teahupo’o

Back in September we caught up with Montauk’s Leif Engstrom for a quick interview while he was on a “soul searching” trip to Tahiti, courtesy of Earth Missions, as a prize for winning his third consecutive NYSEA surf week title. The last time we spoke, Engstrom assured us we’d be seeing more from this trip once he returned.

I really want to get some clips here, but not having a filmer on this trip is making that quite difficult. — Leif Engstrom

Although it may have been a difficult task at the time, Leif, and his footage editing guru Etan Blatt, recently dropped this fun little compilation of POVs from Leif’s time spent playing with his GoPro inside the barrel at Teahupo’o. After taking a peak at Blatt’s rendition of what Leif captured during his time at Chopes, I think it’s safe to say it was a mission complete for Mr. Engstrom, and not too shabby of a section considering he was filming himself for a week; taking selfies inside of wave most consider deadly.

Highlights include a smooth look back at 1:06 and a bomb of a closeout Engstrom nonchalantly packed at 1:30. #Selfie.

Shot with GoPro Hero 4 Black and GoPro Hero 4 Session

Edited by Etan Blatt