Parton My Scream

Dollywood welcome sign in blue and green halftone

The Dollywood Coaster Guide

By Dave Ewing

Nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains in the hokey town of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, you’ll find yourself at Dollywood. A once-quiet mountain town is now a bustling tourist hot spot for all things Dolly Parton. Dollywood. A cute and quirky attraction-destination full of flowers and butterfly imagery, where the “y’alls” flow like wine and southern charm wraps around you like warm cinnamon bread from the grist mill. Spend the day hopping on some of the country’s finest roller coasters, catching one of the many musical acts, strolling through Dolly’s childhood home, or just admiring the largest can of baked beans you’ll ever set your eyes on. As a former employee of Dollywood, I’ll leave you with one piece of advice Dolly told me in the training video that sticks with me today.

Messy floors = falls galore

Dollywood map from 1989
Thunderhead lockup in green halftone.


Review: “Faster than a jackrabbit can say howdy.”

If you have trouble waking up, look no further. It’s time to put the coffee mug away and hop on the Thunderhead. This wooden coaster will have your adrenaline pumping and knees shaking after its speedy descents.

Location: Timber Canyon
Type: Wooden Coaster
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: Jolene

Fire Chaser Express lockup with flames coming out

Fire Chaser Express

Review: “You’ll be spitting fire from both ends.”

This tight-twisting coaster that resembles a Firehouse Subs is a must-stop for the kiddos. It’s a quick ride and will take you both forward and backward. A great stop during the colder months to gain some warmth from the treacherous cold.

Location: Wilderness Pass
Type: Kid-Friendly Coaster
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: 9 To 5

Tennesse Tornado lockup with tornado "T"

Tennessee Tornado

Review: “Your brain will be spinning faster than a tire at the Daytona 500”

Not for the faint of heart. A classic coaster ripping through an abandoned ore mine. This one will have you bumping into your ride buddy a few times afterward.

Location: Craftsman’s Valley
Type: Classic Coaster
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: Two Doors Down

Blazing Fury lockup in western text

Blazing Fury

Review: “It’s so hot the ice cream truck melted”

If you plugged “Pirates of the Caribbean but in the Smoky Mountains” into an AI generator this ride would be the first result. Worth the wait to cool off from the summer heat and see the underworld of Tennessee.

Location: Craftsman’s Valley
Type: Indoor Coaster
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: Baby I’m Burnin’

Wild Eagle lockup in yellow with eagle on the "e" letter

Wild Eagle

Review: “You’re either on the eagle or off the eagle.”

If you’ve ever daydreamed about flying like a big ole’ bird then this is the ride for you. Soar across the treetops of the Smoky Mountains and take a moment to relish in the fact that Dolly got you here. A real “If I Had Wings” moment. Smooth, weightless, fast, stomach-dropping, feels like an eagle. Fast line.

Location: Wilderness Pass
Type: Leg Danglin’ Coaster
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: If I Had Wings

Dare Devil Falls lockup with chrome letters

Daredevil Falls

Review: “It’s going down, I’m yelling timber”

If you need to cool down, might I recommend taking a float off the edge of this waterfall? You’ll be sure to get soaked unless you duck on the way down (no guarantees).

Location: Craftsman’s Valley
Type: Log Ride
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: Islands In The Stream

Mystery Mine lockup in blue with dynamite sticks

Mystery Mine

Review: “I haven’t been that shook since mama saw my 7th-grade report card”

This twisty-turny mouse trap of a ride will have you trusting the laws of gravity as you navigate through the perils of an abandoned coal mine. If I was a detective, this mystery would be mine.

Location: Timber Canyon
Type: Steel Coaster
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: Applejack

Lightning Rod lockup with car engine and flames

Lightning Rod

Review: “Yeehaw! I felt like Nicolas Cage in Gone In 60 Seconds

Absolutely bonkers. Fastest, most intense ride at the park. Twenty seconds of air. No chill. Let’s just say even the employees are known to hop on this one after their shift. You’ll be gripping the safety bar as you haul ass along one of USA Today’s top 10 roller coasters in the country.

Location: Jukebox Junction 
Type: Wooden Coaster
Dolly Parton Pump-Up Song: I Will Always Love You