Real Estate Rants Vol. 5: Out With the Old & In With the New

Photo Cred: Bronson Lamb | MD

The word on the street, Main Street in Montauk that is, is that the all too well-known bar and restaurant, Shagwong, is changing hands.

Jon Krasner, an owner of multiple local restaurants, is in contract to purchase the Main Street tavern from Jimmy Hewitt, who has owned the legendary restaurant and hangout for the past 46 years. Krasner who also owns the Saltbox, formerly O’Murphys Irish Pub, has opened the new restaurant to cater to the casual, beach audience that not many new restaurants are targeting. Which is actually pretty refreshing to hear. Salt Box wants to be the bar known for serving “the coldest beer in town” and offering the freshest of locally sourced menu options (and possibly the best lobster roll in town).


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For those of you concerned about losing this classic establishment, fear not. “Shagwong will stay Shagwong,” said Krasner. He continued, “The old-school Montauk is more exciting to me than the newer stuff, so I’d like to just preserve the good old Montauk vibe.”

For more info check out this article from 27east. Or if you’re more of the go check it out for yourself type, Shagwong is located at 774 Montauk Hwy and The Saltbox is located at 99 Edgemere Plaza. Get down to Shag before it’s too late to get a glimpse of this Montauk staple.